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The data provided to Direct Channel are freely provided data and the user consents to provide them for the purposes that are proper to him in relation to his activity. You hereby declare that you are over eighteen years of age

 The data provided may, at any time, be rectified for inaccuracy concerning them, as well as incomplete. To do so just send an email to .

The aforementioned consent may be withdrawn at any time by sending an e-mail to .

The user has the right to be  their data forgotten, once the purpose that motivated their supply is no longer necessary, thus withdrawing the consent on which their collection is based, by simply sending an e-mail to . Direct Channel does not give or transfer  the data entrusted to it.

Direct Channel is committed to the privacy and security of its customers throughout the process of navigation and purchase through the site. Customer's registration data are not sold, exchanged or disclosed to third parties, except when such information is necessary for the delivery process, for collection, or for participation in promotions requested by customers. Your personal data is essential to ensure that your order arrives safely in your home, according to our delivery time.

Direct Channel uses cookies and information from your navigation (browser session) in order to draw a profile of the public that visits the site and always improve our services, products and contents and guarantee the best offers and promotions for you. Throughout this process we keep your information in absolute secrecy for an indefinite period. It is worth remembering that your data are registered by Direct Channel in an automated way, dispensing with human manipulation.

In case of any use of the information for a secondary reason other than the above mentioned, for example, marketing Direct Channel undertakes to send consent request.

The principles of data protection do not apply to anonymous information, that is to say information which does not relate to an identified or identifiable natural person, or to personal data made so anonymous, that the holder is not or can not be identified.

Data protection shall apply to any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Personal data which have been pseudonymised, which may be attributed to a natural person through the use of supplementary information, shall be considered as information about an identifiable natural person. In determining whether a natural person is identifiable, all means that can reasonably be used, such as the selection by either the controller or another person, must be considered to directly or indirectly identify the natural person.

Changes to our privacy policy will be duly informed in this space.


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